Right Outta the Box...

Hi, for those who don't know this is my fourth blog. It seems I have so much to write about these days that I just can't keep it all in one place.

Ever since I was tiny I've been into board games. I remember playing lots of games by myself, just using game components to make up adventures, in particular Ghost Castle, although Mouse Trap and various others featured in there as well.

As I grew up I developed an interest in fantasy boardgames, wargames and role playing games, for the latter see my hobby blog here. Risk became a particular favourite amongst our gaming group and it is a game I often play whilst bored at work (I work in theatre, it gets dull). During my college years Absolute Balderdash came to the fore, along with Star Wars TCG. I tried many different Trading Card games but I never found one I like other than Star Wars. After I hit 21, games dropped out of my life, university was over and my friends were scattered across the globe.

Last year however I discovered a new game, Settlers of Catan... Regularly described as a "gateway game" Settlers is often a lot of peoples first taste of "Eurogames". It certainly was for me. After Settlers I began to look into new games and I found a whole world existed that I had never even heard of. It turns out that not all boardgames had to be called monopoly and trivial pursuit and that is what this blog is about. Unboxed will hopefully be on a bi-monthly update, with me talking about various games I have, examining components and really just trying to give a good honest review of all the new games I am discovering...

Until next time, keep gaming!