As Promised

I’ve been a busy little bee today, mainly because I have nothing better to do and I’m stuck on the side of stage with an internet connection.

So here are the updates. I’ve added the Christmas List to the sidebar just so you all know what to expect reviews about in the coming year. I’m hoping to have a few games of Runebound before wednesday, so I may have a review by then… maybe…

I have also finally put up the Review List, when I get a free moment I’ll build a flash button for the side bar to link to it, meanwhile there is a text link just below the Christmas List. Obviously I recognise that it’s pretty empty as it stands, but I’ll fill it up, I promise, just bare with me. Also the links in the review list are the only links on the site that don’t link to IGUK’s product pages… because that would be stupid!

If you have any comments about the organisation of this blog or anything you think I should add, feel free to mention it and I’ll see what I can do!