House Rules… Talisman

Well, thank you to everyone who reads this blog, this month has seen my total visitors rise from 300 to 500 which I guess means I’m doing something right!

Now down to business. Taking a break for the moment from the If Only List I wanted to takpic78067_mde some time to talk about how we play games. This week’s House Rules segment will focus on Talisman and the rules my family and I play by.

A couple of months ago I reviewed the 3rd Edition of Talisman and like all Games Workshop games the rules are open to interpretation. Here is how we play:

Main Board

  • We don't play that to enter the inner region that you must land on the Toll Bridge by exact count, you must simply pay a gold and continue your movement on the other side.
  • We do however play that you must land on the Causeway by exact count.
  • All board features, such as the Chapel count as a Place, meaning that any monsters or spirits placed on them must be fought before the Place can be activated.
  • The Cursed Glade stops all items from functioning, including things like the Bag of Carrying and Soloman’s Crown (possibly reducing your craft low enough for you to lose spells).
  • Although it’s not a rule we play by, I believe that no magical effect should be able to take place in the Cursed Glade, including Magical Vortex, The Magician and The Imp. This is a rule I hope to implement soon.
  • All Characters are generated randomly from a list of 39 to stop players selecting over powered characters.

The Realms

  • In the forest you must follow the directions of the arrows. Although I may implement a rule that allows players with the Forest Guide to move in either direction.
  • When exiting the Forest you do not move you simply draw an adventure card in the Woods space in the inner region.
  • When exiting the Dungeon, you come out on the Causeway and may move as normal, including entering the tower the turn you exit.

Adventure Cards

  • Whenever an adventure directs you to move to another space you must encounter that space… Otherwise, why would the Harpies, Trapdoor, Dryads dump you in the spaces that force you to draw three cards? This mechanic has proven to be very deadly in the past.
  • An Enslaved monster (Staff of Mastery) does not count as a Follower. This is a ruling I want to overturn, it was put in place because my little brother was going to fight the Dragon King with an enslaved monster and he rolled a 1 or 2 for it, so I pointed out that it technically isn’t a follower… Now everybody uses that excuse.
  • Characters that have the ability to Eat followers are allowed to eat the Hag, Poltergeist and Jester (another rule I don’t agree with)
  • The Doppleganger can be enslaved and has the same strength as the monster it is fighting.
  • The Willow the Wisp card in the Forest causes you to draw 3 cards from the main adventure deck, which can often make the Forest a more tempting place to visit if the Magical Stream appears in there.
  • The Gong is a pointless card!
  • All events that last for one turn, include your own next turn because in most cases they would not affect you otherwise.
  • Items lost to the Witch are discarded. However items dropped in the Witch's space due to becoming a Toad are not and can be collected by anyone not turned into a Toad when visiting the Witch.

There are probably more rules that we implemented as we went along but these are the ones I can remember. What I was hoping to show was how “in the moment decisions” become “rules” that seem unbreakable.

Do you have any House Rules for your Talisman games? Or any comments to make on our House Rules. Comment below!

I thought I’d leave you with one of my Home Brewed characters, possibly the most broken one I devised: The Paladin.


[Click Here to open Full-Sized Version]

Not only does the Paladin start the game with 4 Strength and 4 Craft but he is immune to the Plague and Pestilence and he can Heal a life instead of taking experience points when he kills a Monster/Spirit. However he must encounter players whose spaces he lands in. He must fight evil players or heal Good and Neutral players if they have less than 4 lives.

The reason the Paladin really ended up broken was that his abilities are dependant on him remaining of Good Sir Michael, PaladinAlignment. Unfortunately only Neutral Players can be “Forced” to change alignment so the only way the Paladin could lose his powers would be by choice.

All that said, I don’t actually recall the Paladin ever winning a game. If you liked this Home Brewed segment don’t forget to comment and let me know and I’ll bring you more of my creations.

Finally… Don’t forget to vote in the Small World poll. I will be posting my thoughts on whether or not I want to get this game in two weeks time, but your opinions could really help sway me as I’m pretty much on the fence about it at the moment.

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