Silver Line-ing

So this week we’re talking about Fantasy Flight’s Silver Line games. First off, thanks to everyone who voted in the poll for giving me something to ramble on about this week. So lets take a look at the results.

In first place, and no big surprise I have to say, was Citadels. You can check out my thoughts on this excellent card game here. Since I wrote that review I’ve played a significant number of games of Citadels and I’m still really enjoying it. I’ve also played the game 3 player, which I found immensely enjoyable and even a little more strategic. In a three player game each player gets 2 characters per round. This allows you to set up a synergy between them. For example if you know the assassin always kills the merchant, then take both characters. You can use the same trick with the Bishop and the Warlord to stop people defending against the Warlord when you destroy their districts. If the Bishop has already gone why not take the assassin and target the Bishop. It all makes for some very interesting play styles.

Second place went to Colossal Arena, although I expected it to be a closer run thing between these two games. Colossal Arena is a game of monster battles teamed with gambling and it sounds like a lot of fun. I actually had the opportunity to pick this game up a few years ago for £5 in TK Max (a shop in the UK with a bizarre and ever changing mix of stock) but because I’d never heard of FFG I ignored it. Now it’s out of print in the Uk and the FFG re-print seems to be taking it’s time getting here, but this game is definitely on my list.

Last place is shared between 3 games, Chaos Marauders, Drakon and Red November which I reviewed last week. I have to say that I’m not that enthused by the concept of Chaos Marauders and that Drakon has never really been on my radar but maybe I’m wrong.

I had hoped that there would be some votes for some of the other games from this range that I have considered buying. Mag Blast, a game of ship combat in which you must make make laser blasting noises or score no points. CIA vs. KGB a game of espionage set in the Cold War and Aye, Dark Overlord, a card game in which, after your bosses plan fails, you make excuses and point the finger at your fellow minions to prove that if wasn’t your fault.

I really think that the Silver Line games range has a large number of unique gems (except for Letter of Marque) and I’d love to be able to pick them all up. Thanks to everyone who voted, a new poll will go up tonight and there will be a Traders and Barbarian’s review next week.

Until then… Keep on Gaming.