Board Game News: Issue 4

Just a mini-update here as news is a little slim on the ground…

Fantasy Flight Games has released a new preview of Dungeonquest and the game looks gorgeous! I had really made my mind up not to buy it because I own the original, but this preview is so nice I’m seriously tempted to sell my copy and put the cash towards the new edition.

As an added bonus the 6 new characters included with DQ will include cards for Descent, Runewars and Runebound, meaning you can port the new characters straight into the other Terrinoth games.

Speaking of Terrinoth, the rules for the new Runebound expansion are now live and can be found here in PDF format. No news as yet as to whether this expansion will include new hero cards for DQ, Descent and Runewars though.

Also, Z-man Games has added some new pages to their sneak peaks, including this one for Pocket Battles, Orcs vs. Elves.

That’s pretty much it from me, I will try and bring you a review of Zooloretto on Wednesday, assuming work is not too hectic. Thanks for bearing with me….



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