Deals of the Week…

… But first a quick hello and welcome to newcomer Cartrunk Entertainment. HELLO!

Right, on to the deals. I felt duty bound to bring some excellent deals to everyone’s attention. The shopping days left ‘til Christmas are already counting down and soon Jingle Bells will be playing out of every shop doorway. So now, is the perfect time to stock up on Board Games.

First off Games Lore have reduced all their damaged roleplay books by 50%, that means you can get all three D&D core books for £30 in the gift set, the only damage being to the outside of the box. Or how about Rogue Trader for £20? And there’s plenty more where those came from, check it out.

Looking for a good Euro Game, why not check out Board Game Guru? Paul is currently selling At the Gates of Loyang for £26.99 or Agricola: Farmers on the Moor for £14.99. He also has Heads of State from Z-Man games at a massive £40 off at just £14.99. And there’s loads more, just have a look.

Just scanning through the hundred or so games in IGUK’s price drops list reveals Runebound: Island of Dread for £19.49, Nanuk for £14.25 and plenty more. And of course, if you shop with IGUK through this link I get 5% towards new games to review.

And finally Blue Boar Games have increased their excellent selection of games. As far as I can tell their free postage offer is over, but the deals are still excellent. BSG: Pegasus £21, Race for the Galaxy £20.50 and The Golden City £34.

I still have one order left to make before Christmas (as Descent is taking up most of my budget) but I’m still on the lookout for great bargains. My Birthday List is almost full though, although if anyone has a suggestion for a great card game for around £15 I’d love to hear it. Currently I’m think Space Hulk: Death Angel, but I’m open to suggestions.

The rest of the list? Well, Argicola (finally), Cosmic Encounter, Tempus, Talisman: Frost March and Archaeology the Card Game. And all for less than £100!