Big Box is Big Value

There isn’t much time left to vote for your favourite games in the Unboxed Awards, the polls close on New Year’s Day so if you haven’t already voted, what are you waiting for?


Nominated for: Best Value Game

Last night I finally had my first game of Descent after painting the models for several months.

I have to say that this is not just a big box, but a big game. I had bought it as an “upgraded heroquest” but this game is a lot more than that. All the options and rules and cards and special abilities make this game very intense, it’s like playing a whole 3 year dungeon crawl in a single night, as the heroes go from nothing to awesome in order to slay the big boss at the end of the dungeon. So the game may be £54 (From Maelstrom Games Delivered (in like super quick time too!)) but not only do you get close to 500 components but you also get a very deep, very replayable game, which is why it got my vote for Best Value Game! For more info I highly recommend Tim’s video review.

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