The Unboxed Awards Results

So, one month of voting, over 100 votes in each category and finally, we have our winners.

So, let’s recap. I hand picked a group of very talented contributors, I asked them to choose a game they played this year which best suited the category. Their choices were then offered to you, the very discerning general public, to vote upon and choose Your Favourite of Our Favourites.

And so I can now reveal the Results:

Best Expansion

  • Winner: Dominion Prosperity (21 Votes)
  • Second Place: Carcassonne Traders and Builders (17 Votes)
  • Runners Up – Agricola: Farmers of the Moor, Dominion Intrigue, Space Alert: The New Frontier, Thunderstone: Wrath of the Elements, Talisman Reaper and Battlestar Pegasus


Best Small Box Game

  • Winner: Hive (38 Votes)
  • Second Place: Red November (15 Votes)
  • Mr Jack Pocket, Parade, Chrononauts, The Bottle Imp, Dos de Mayo and Habermus Pape

Best 2 Player Game

  • Winner: Pandemic (21 Votes)
  • Second Place: Summoner Wars and Battleline (16 Votes Each)
  • Warhammer: Invasion, Campaign Manager 2008, Mijinlieff, Dos de Mayo, Mali Powstancy and Fire of Midway

Best Value Game

  • Winner: Forbidden Island (34 Votes)
  • Second Place: Carcassonne (21 Votes)
  • Smallworld, Battlestar Galactica, Thunderstone and Descent: Journeys in the Dark


Best Family Game

  • Winner: Zooloretto (26 Votes)
  • Second Place: Forbidden Island (21 Votes)
  • The Adventurers, Junkyard Races, Ingenious, Survive: Escape from Atlantis, Castle Ravenloft and K2


Most Innovative Game

  • Winner: Battlestar Galactica (22 Votes)
  • Second Place: Tobago (16 Votes)
  • Power Grid, Innovation, The Adventurers, Troyes, and Totemo


Best Party Game

  • Winner: Dixit (48 Votes)
  • Second Place: Wits and Wagers (20 Votes)
  • Are You A Werewolf, Arrrrrrghtect and Gambit 7


Best Components and/or Artwork

  • Winner: Dixit (20 Votes)
  • Second Place: Stone Age and Space Hulk 3rd Edition (18 Votes Each)
  • Tobago, The Adventurers, Cosmic Encounter, War of the Roses and Forbidden Island


Best Euro Game

  • Winner: Stone Age (33 Votes)
  • Second Place: Dominant Species (21 Votes)
  • Kingsburg, Automobile and Endeavor


Best Retheme or Reprint

  • Winner: Survive: Escape from Atlantis (27 Votes)
  • Second Place: Brief History of the World (13 Votes)
  • Dungeonquest, Inca Empire and Colossal Arena


Game of the Year

  • Winner: Dominion (25 Votes)
  • Second Place: Cosmic Encounter (17 Votes)
  • Runners Up: Dixit, Battlestar Galactica, Dominant Species and Forbidden Island

So, despite my shameless attempt to boost Cosmic Encounters votes by reviewing the game and begging for votes, Dominion still won out. As I said in my review Cosmic was my nomination for Game of the Year, but the general public has spoken and of all our contributors picks Dominion stands tall.

Of course, now comes the really important part, the scores. Each contributor scored 3 points for a 1st place and 1 point for each 2nd place:

Well, draw what conclusions you will from that, but I’d say that I win!!!

Thanks again to absolutely everyone who contributed either by nominating games or voting in the polls. Hopefully these results will give you at least some ideas on what games you might want to try out soon.

Until Wednesday, have fun gaming!