Board Game News: Tasty Minstrel Special

Tasty Minstrel has been on the scene for a while now, publishing games such as Homesteaders and Terra Prime. They had some publishing issues when they first started out, but I believe that has all be straighten out now and the company is forging ahead with more new and exciting games.

Designer, Jason Cormier, contacted me this week and asked me to tell you all about his new game that is coming out via Tasty Minstrel Games, Train of Thought.

Train of Thought is a party game that uses word association, the faster you can get the other players to guess your word, the more points you can score.

Check out the how to play video below:

And here is the publishers description:

Train of Thought is a party word game. Players take turns trying to get opponents to guess a particular word, giving only a 3 word clue – and one of those words must be from a prior answer! For each clue given, each player may make 1 guess. If none are correct, the clue-giver creates another clue, using one of the guesses and up to 2 other words.

When the word is correctly guessed, the guessing player and the clue giver each get one point, and the clue giver draws a new card and continues making clues. Get as many as you can in 2 minutes!

Train of Thought can be played as a partnership or team game as well – guess as many words as you can in 2 minutes, see if the other team can beat that!

Train of Thought really makes you think differently than other games in the genre. An excellent party game!

All Aboard!  This party game challenges you to stay on track.  Score points by giving clues and making guesses as you and your friends ride the Train of Thought!

Thanks for letting me know about your game Jay and good luck with it!


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