Board Game News: Perigon Special

This week, Will Sorrell from Clarendon Games contacted me to let him know that his, UK based, company will be releasing a new abstract strategy game at the UK Games Expo and of course, being a member of the UK Gaming Media Network, I was more than happy to give his new game a shout out!

Perigon: as engrossing as Chess and as accessible as Backgammon.

Perigon is the revolutionary new two-player strategy game. Fast-moving and intellectually demanding, the game’s need for skill, foresight and ruthless logic is perfect for all strategy fans who love a new challenge.

The word ‘Perigon’ means a 360 degree angle. Set up Perigon’s unique board and you’ll see why it was chosen, as you quickly get drawn into an enthralling world of angles and edges requiring all-round foresight and tactical imagination.

Players use their pieces to wheel around and shunt past those of their opponent, gradually manoeuvring the Flag towards their opponent’s goal line.

It sounds deceptively simple, but the richness of the game play means every battle will be different. Luck plays no part - only the cunning and clever will plant the Flag on the far goal line and win.

Requiring concentration, foresight and abstract reasoning, Perigon is the ultimate brain-training companion for all ages. What’s more, with a game usually lasting around 30-45 minutes, it’s the perfect length for a cerebral workout.

The striking and ornate set is crafted from solid monkey wood and hand-finished with a premium-grade varnish. The board measures a magnificent 29cm x 33cm x 2cm and the nine pieces 3.4cm x 1.2cm.

It took three years of research for Will Sorrell to create Perigon. As he puts it: “It was always my aim to create a game that combined the depth of Chess with the accessibility of Backgammon. And with Perigon, I believe I’ve succeeded.”

For further information on Perigon please either visit their website

The rules of Perigon are available here. Perigon is suitable for ages 8+ and plays with 2 players.

Having read the rules the game is essentially a more complex, abstract version of capture the flag. I’m certainly looking forward to Will teaching me the game, hopefully he’ll have time to drop by our Demo Booth at the Expo!

Hope to see you guys there too!


  1. I've had the pleasure of a few games and it really is an unmissable game for strategy fans. Simple yet devilishly complex, this is an instant classic!

  2. Good to hear, I'm looking forward to trying it at the Expo.


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