X610Z becomes Existenz

The guys over at X610Z have been designing a card game, with some similarities to Magic the Gathering, but that has a whole new tactical element, a board!

The board not only forces you to think about what piece you will move where, but it also acts as a handy reminder of what you can have in play due to the limited number of playing pieces.

Check out Little Metal Dog Show’s Michael Fox as he chats with Patrick about the game:

Now, Mark Rivera and I were very lucky to sit down with Patrick and the other guys from Existenz and play this game. I’ve got to say that the art work looks fantastic and the board makes the game so much more interesting and tactical.

We actually hung around quite a bit with these guys and they are great, not only that but they want feedback on the game, ways to make it better, to improve the rules, make the game tighter. It’s great to see a company that works like that.

Existenz the Board Game then will be out, in September I believe. It will feature prebuilt decks and will be expandable with more prebuilt decks in the future. The game can handle upto 6 players, although it is played in teams at that stage.

Really looking forward to getting a chance to play this again… oh and p.s. I beat Mark, just in case you were wondering… Thrashed him actually, pounded him into the ground… you get the picture!

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