Board Game News 9: Thunderstone Goes Digital, Descent Reboots and Cyclades gets a Sequel

And now, a little later than advertised, THE NEWS…

AEG News

Our friends over at AEG have announced another expansion for Thunderstone, will it be the last one? Heart of Doom will reveal the 8th and final Thunderstone as well as offering a special scenario end game variant to the game, which has me personally very excited.

However, this is possibly more exciting. As someone who recently purchased an android tablet AEG announcing the release of Thunderstone for Android, Facebook and iOS is really awesome.

The base game will be free to play with additional content being unlocked for cash. There will also be a campaign variant which has me very interested, as well as multiplayer options too.

FFG News

Descent is getting a second edition. This news is being met with a lot of mixed feelings, even from me. I love the base game of Descent and I love the campaign variants. However, even in the best of games there is always room for improvement. However, when the original designer doesn’t seem to be involved in the reboot is it time to worry?

The FFG press release explains how the system will be streamlined and simplified, that the playtime will be shortened and the campaign system will be built in from the start. But the question is, will the simplification take the game too far away from the tactical miniatures game we love?

Also, the campaign system is a very different idea to the way that Descent was originally meant to be played. Descent was originally intended to be a whole dungeon crawl in one evening, a Zero to Hero experience. Through popular demand it turned into a D&D lite system with campaign expansions. This new set seems to be aimed at the D&D lite market, rather than Descent’s original audience.

That said, I’d prefer that. In fact I was going to write my own D&D lite system based on the Descent rules, but now I’m going to hold off and see where FFG are going with it.

Good news for Descent fans however is that nothing you have will be made obsolete as all the heroes and monsters will be updated in a Conversion Kit.

Either way, check out the new description page, the new tiles and art look fantastic and I’m really interest to see where this one will go.

Matagot Editions News

Matagot Editions would like you to know about two new titles they will be releasing at Essen this year.

takenokoThe first is Takenoko, a game about building a bamboo garden to appease the Sacred Panda.

From 2 to 4 players, the participants will have to cultivate the land plot, irrigate them and grow one of the three species of bamboo (green, yellow and pink) with the help of the Imperial gardener. The best player will be congratulated by the Japanese Emperor himself.

The second release is for the very popular Cyclades, which will see it’s first expansion at the fair this coming autumn.

This expansion is composed of four modules which require the original game to play. Each module can be integrated one by one. For the most fun, all modules are combined and provide almost endless new strategies. 2 to 5 players will join and discover new Gods, Heroes and dark mythological creatures from Hades' empire


And this weeks releases courtesy of Board Game Guru

The highlight of next week’s new releases is, probably, Hasbro’s ‘Battleship Galaxies: The Saturn Offensive’, this is a new space combat game using miniatures.

Mayfair’s first official Map expansion set for ‘Steam: Rails to Riches’ (including three maps) will be here on Tuesday as will the 270th issue of Strategy and Tactics (containing a two player game of the The American Revolution)

I have had a restock from Victory Point Games; including two new titles ‘For the Crown’ and ‘Keep up the Fire’

Later this week I am hoping to have Spielbox 4 and Eggertspiel’s ‘Principatio’ – I will make them available to order when they arrive.

Happy gaming



Parting Shot

Thanks Paul and check back tomorrow for my First Impressions on Stratus Games’ Eruption.