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This week and last weeks releases courtesy of Paul from Board Game Guru

First up lets deal with the games that have recently arrived.

My pick is ‘The Gnomes of Zavandor’ – this game arrived so far under the radar as to be unnoticeable. What sparked my interest was the designer’s pedigree; Torsten Langdsvodt also designed ‘Before the Wind’ , one of my favourite games from 2007. ‘The Gnomes’ is a worthy part of the Zavandor series, its a tough market manipulation and goods conversion game, plays in about 75 minutes and is one of the better economic games i have played this year. Recommended!

‘Elder sign’ the dice throwing/Arkham lite game has been and gone, its sold out at the distribution level and I hope to see a restock in less than a month

‘Lord of the Rings : The journey to Rhosgobel’ is the third adventure pack for the Lord of the Rings Card Game. It’s become quite clear that Fantasy flight have underestimated demand for the LOTR adventure packs, they are being reprinted and there are a limited number of the this pack available at the present – I have some stock but I doubt it will last very long.

‘The Dwarf King’ is a trick taking game with rotating goals by Bruno Faidutti

‘Dust Tactics Upgrade Cards’ upgrade Dust units (pre Operation Seelowe) to the revised rules

‘Uluru’ is a German game (I will provide an English rules summary) , described as ‘logical puzzle filler’ this caused a stir at The Gathering of Friends.

‘Extra!’ is both a game and a dice tower. The game is an old Sid Sackson dice roller.

Next Week’s new releases

GMT fans are in for a treat with no less than four new games arriving on Tuesday

‘Space Empires : 4x’ is a game that does what it says on the box (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate), the design though is model of elegant simplicity and the gameplay is intended to have the feel of the classic all space empire classics but play in a fraction of the time. This review has convinced me to open a copy.

‘No Retreat: The Russian Front’ is a deluxe edition of Victory Games 2008 release (which I also stock). The design has received much acclaim as a most playable and pared down simulation of the Eastern Front.

‘Sekigahara’ is a block game about the battle that unified Japan under the Tokugawa family

‘Sun of York’ is a deluxe version of the Relative Range 2005 War of the Rose’s card game

For Talisman fans there is a new large ‘Dragon Expansion’

I have had a lot of emails about release dates so though I would give an estimate of some notable releases.

Early October

Star Trek Fleet Captains

The Walking Dead

Mid to late October

Thunderstone: Heart of Doom

Nightfall: Bloody Country

Ninja: Legend of the Scorpion Clan

Ticket To Ride Asia: Map Collection Vol. 1

Blood Bowl Team Manager

Kingdom Builder

The Legend of Drizzt Boardgame

Star Trek Expeditions Expansion


Twilight Imperium: Rex

A Game of Thrones 2nd Edition

Mage Knight

These are subject to change.

Happy gaming



  1. New released games are worth trying. This is a good list of upcoming titles.



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