Out This Week

This week’s releases courtesy of Paul from Board Game Guru:


Arriving on Tuesday

‘The Legend of Drrizt’ is the third Dungeon and Dragons boardgame for which I have high hopes as I am a fan of 'Castle Ravenloft' and a bigger fan of 'Ashardalon'.

‘Ninjato’, Adam West’s second design (the first being ‘Galactic Emperor’) is a strategy game set in 12th century Japan

‘The Ares project’, is a debut design from Geoff Engelstein (the really brainy bloke on ‘The Dice Tower’ podcast) is a close to a video RTS (‘real time strategy’ game) as you can find in a boardgame.

‘Nippon Rails’ from Mayfair games is a new version of the 1991’ Empire builder’ game

And new in the Essen section?

'The DGT Pyramid' is a four sided chess timer that shares the same functionality as the DGT cube.

'Pret-a-Porter', designed by Ignancy Trzewiczek (Sronghold, 51st State) is a economic management game with the (unusual for a boardgame) theme being the world of high fashion

‘The New Era’ (also from Ignancy Trzewiczek ), is a new ‘51st State’ game which can be played stand alone or integrated with 51st State

‘City Tycoon’ looks a little like a board game Sim City, and I am looking forward to seeing how this matches up to Urban Sprawl (arriving in November)

‘K2 Broad Peak’ is an expansion for my favourite family game of 2010. This adds a double sided map of ‘Broadpeak’ (formerly known as’K3’)

‘Drako’ is an asymmetrical battle between ‘Dwarven Dragon Hunters’ and their prey

Happy gaming