Board Game News 18–AEG Print n Play Thunderstone

Lots of news this week so lets get right into it.


First off I’m going to say a little bit about expo. The UK Gaming Media Network launched their new site at the Expo weekend, on which you’ll find aggregated news feeds from thirty of the best UK Blogs, as well as podcasts, videos and some great pictures from the Expo weekend.

I will also be uploading the Expo videos here and at the new site as they become available. And I’ll be launching a new series of First Impressions chronicling the games I played at the Expo with the very nice Kevin O’Sullivan from Kevin and Games and the equally good fun Karl Bunyan from the Royal Society of Gamers Podcast.


Some very interesting news from the AEG camp. It seems that making the new release Thunderstone Advance backwards compatible with previous releases was simply not enough and they have now released the entire original base set as a print and play expansion with fully updated cards. Not only do the cards feature the new layout from Advance but they have also been updated with the new keywords, all the heroes now have races and all the monsters now have levels so that everything will work going forwards with the new rules and cards.

And that’s not all, along with the Avatars going on sale, AEG has started to release print and play modules, free mini scenarios that alter the way the game plays to give you more replayability. You can download the first and second scenarios right now.

Stratus Games

Chris from Stratus Games world like you to know that Off Your Rocker will be available in July. Check out a quick video preview here.

Griffon Games

Defenders of the Realm: Battlefields

In Defenders of the Realm: Battlefields, one side takes the role of the Dark Lord's invading army of minions, while the other side represents the heroes defending the Realm from the forces of evil.

The battles are fast and furious as players place minions and heroes onto the battlefields and attack their opponents using a variety of abilities and special skills. Fourteen battlefield cards are included in the game and play begins with three being laid out randomly.

Players take turns playing cards onto one of the battlefields in play trying to build up enough strength to win that battlefield. Each battlefield card bears a special power that the winner of that card receives as a reward. The first side that is victorious on 3 total battlefields or 2 battlefields of the same (non-purple) colour is the winner!

Back it on Kickstarter

Richard Launius on Defenders of the Realm: Battlefields

Richard Launius on Defenders of the Realm: Battlefields

Solitaire for Two Is now live on Kickstarter!

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If you know how to play "Solitaire" with a deck of cards, then you already know how to play Solitaire for Two! We've taken the game you know and added 2 new Suits, 3 Jokers, a Scoring System, and made it possible to play with 2, 3, and 4 players. As a result, a great game got even better!

In addition to Six-Suit Solitaire and Solitaire for Two the 81 high-quality tiles contained in the game can be used in place of a "normal" deck of 52 cards. You can now play your favorite card games with all the advantages of tiles--take them traveling, on a picnic or play outside when the weather is nice with No Worries about the Wind!

Anchovy Expansion is now available at:!

The Anchovy Expansion adds a twist by introducing the anchovy topping which acts like another player. Players will not only have to battle each other, but also may need to work together to prevent the pizza from being taken over by anchovies!
The Anchovy Expansion contains 16 anchovy tiles and an anchovy rulebook/sheet.

Sneak peek at the new Venture cover art!

Keep an eye out for other great Sid Sackson titles to launch throughout the year. In the meantime check out their pages to learn more (Sleuth, Venture, & Monad)

Richard Borg's..... Cowtown!

Designer of BattleLore and Memoir '44

All the cows have left the nearby ranches and headed down to Cowtown for a little 'cow'-rousing. But it seems that things have gotten a little out of hoof and now you and your fellow cowpokes need to get these herding heavies back in line. You will need to make the right moooooves to corral these cows before udder madness prevails in Cowtown.

Cow Town Demo -  2012

Cowtown Demo - 2012

Now on KickStarter!

Fleet sails past all expectations!

Blowing its initial goal of $6,000 out of the water, Fleet raised an amazing $37,860 on KickStarter. We wanted to sincerely thank all those who participated in making this happen. And if you didn't catch it in time, look for a copy of Fleet in retail stores near you, or find it at our website:

Product will be available soon.....

Pirate Dice

Pirate Dice: Voyage on the Rolling Seas is a game for 2 to 4 players that pits pirate vs. pirate in an epic race to capture and escape with the lost treasure. But the seas are treacherous and full of peril as strong winds, whirlpools, and your fellow buccaneers will attempt to thwart your voyage and claim the treasure as their own. You will need more than pure speed to win. Use your wits to block, ram, and fire at your opponents (while doing your best to keep them from doing the same to you!). As you take damage, it will become more difficult to pilot your ship. But no matter, Treasure awaits! So raise the anchor, load the cannons, and hoist the main sail -- there's no room for lily-livered land-lubbers here! It takes a shrewd captain with a sharp eye to navigate the rolling seas of Pirate Dice!

Now live on Kickstarter


Tatami Software

Diego Belfiore from Tatami would like you all to know that his scoring app for ios devices is now out of beta. Spass is an app that allows you to track the scores for any game on your phone. Check out the video below.

For more details click to go to Tatami’s site.

Geeky Gizmo Games

Run by Doug Wilson, a soon to be graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design's Game Design major. He is very passionate about creating unique and fun, non-digital games for every age. He's striving to raise money to manufacture his first game, Escape from Pandemonium.

Check it out on Kickstarter

Cons and Clubs

Telford Games Thursday 7th June 8pm in Telford contact Paul on 01952 598757 for more details

Social Gamers Sunday 10th June 7pm @ The Blue Anchor in Crowborough

Full details for both events can be found on the UK Gaming Media Networks Clubs Page

This Weeks Releases

Courtesy of Board Game Guru 

After the release of two huge games (Virgin Queen and 1989: Dawn of Freedom) and the reprint of Super Dungeon Explore there are no releases scheduled for next week. Other recent releases are found here.

So instead, the Guru is offering a couple of very special offers:

Grab ‘em while stocks last!

Other special offers are to be found here.

Also, we now have the full range of Summoner Wars Master Set, Starter Packs, Faction and Reinforcement decks in stock.

And finally, the very friendly Pogo Cafe in Hackney, London will be playing board games on the first Wednesday of the month starting from 6pm for those that are interested.

Enjoy the weekend and happy gaming,



Sound Off

Well, lots to look at there. I’ve just picked up both the Master Set for Summoner Wars and Age of Empires III, after all, for one of the top 50 board games with £35 off the rrp, how can you not??

Check back tomorrow for my First Impressions on Fuchs and Fertig.

Until then have fun gaming