A Grim Unboxing: Descent

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most cheerful guys in all of gamingdom, Mark Collins from Grim Tree Games. Since then Mark and I have had many wonderful conversations about gaming and about great new events such as his very own Grim Con. But no conversation was better than the one we had about Mark sending me an ex-demo copy of Descent for a very reasonable price…

Wait… Ex demo? I hear you cry, but where is this demo? It’s right here! Please welcome Mark Collins in his first video guest post for Unboxed as he presents a thorough unboxing and how to play of Descent 2nd Edition.

Thanks Mark. Descent 2.0 truly looks like a great replacement for the original game, although it feels different enough to almost justify holding onto to both!

Now some of you may have noticed that Unboxed has been on an unannounced summer hiatus but we’ll be back soon. Upcoming reviews will include Nightfall: Coldest War, Race for the Galaxy and Quarriors, along with more First Impressions reviews with games like A Game of Thrones and Smallworld.