Today is a GOOD day to die!

Right, after a bit of hiatus we’re back with more videos from the UK Games Expo. As well as playing games with me Karl Bunyan from the Royal Society of Gamers podcast also found time to interview the guys from Project Good. Now, if you saw any of the photos from the expo, it’s pretty likely that you saw a picture of a giant robot lizard attacking a banana, if you wondered what that was all about, then everything is about to be made clear…

Yes, Good: The Battle is the game for people who look at their household pets and think, “Yes… the cat would make a perfect battleground” or for those gamers who can’t sit in a restaurant without thinking “Which would win, the pepper or the salt” and if that’s you then you really should check out Project Good. And of course you can hear more from Karl by listening to the RSOGamers podcast.

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