Loka on Kickstarter…

So, two years ago I interviewed a childhood hero of mine Alessio Cavatore about a chess variant he was publishing through his company River Horse.

During that interview Alessio talked about his plans to add combat dice and terrain to Shurro to take the game to the next level, well, now he has. Loka is based on the original game Shurro but employs dice based combat mechanics and terrain tiles. Teaming up with Mantic Games, River Horse Games has managed to create unique miniatures for each of Loka’s factions, Earth, Air, Fire and Ice.

The Kickstarter has already surpassed it’s goal and so Loka will be a reality, but as always with these projects, more backers means more stretch goals and more cools stuff. So if Loka sounds like your cup of tea then go back it now…

Want to know more? Here is Alessio to tell you about Loka in his own words.

I had a lot of fun with Shurro (which Alessio kindly sent me a couple of years ago, see my review here) so if Loka is the next evolution then I am very excited to see where it will go! If there is anyone I trust to design fantasy wargames, it’s Alessio Cavatore!