Board Game News–The UK Kickstarter Special

So, at the UK Games Expo myself and several members of the UK Gaming Media Network shot some video of prototypes currently on Kickstarter, so watch the videos below and then go back the projects that excite you.

Luchador 2nd Edition – Backspindle Games – Ends 18th June

Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice brings the flamboyant and colorful world of Lucha Libre Wrestling to your gaming table.

The first edition was launched last October at Spiel in Essen where it rose quickly into the top 30 on the Boardgamegeek GeekBuzz listings for most popular game. It eventually finished twenty-sixth out of over 600 new releases at the event and last weekend Luchador! received the UK Games Expo Award for Best New Family Game.

Waggle Dance – Grublin Games – Ends June 29th

Four years ago Mike Nudd, (Waggle Dance's designer) wanted to make a worker placement game where choice was a key game mechanic, where players always feel they are in control of their own strategy and where simply 'getting more workers', wasn't always the optimum strategy. With game mechanics in place, Mike thought long and hard about the best way to provide a context and theme for his fledgling game.

Enter the Bees!! One day Mike stopped to help a distressed bumblebee in the street. As he fed the creature a mixture of water and sugar, something clicked and Mike realised that bees were the perfect theme for his emerging game. Waggle Dance was born (you can read more at:

In Waggle Dance you are in charge of your very own beehive. You will marshal your resources deciding what to concentrate on: building a bigger hive, creating more bees, or creating honey by collecting pollen. There is no clear optimum strategy and there are always things to do - your moves will always be informed what your opponents are doing.

Brave the Elements – Chaos Publishing – Cancelled

Unfortunately it looks like Miles has cancelled the funding for this, but I’m sure it’ll be back, either through kickstarter or another means, so if it’s peaked your interest make sure to check out Chaos Publishing’s website.

Every Round Counts – Thirsty Knight Games – Ends June 30th

You are a rookie bartender hired by the dwarven ex-adventure Gorak Longbeard, who is the head bartender and owner of the Troll Head Tavern. Gorak has decided to run a competition, a simple competition which is the rookie bartender who serves the most beers keeps their job for another day!

In the game, you each take a turn being the dealer. Each player gets dealt 5 cards. There are three different type of cards, White, Yellow and Red Cards. The white cards are divided into Customer Cards (these cards show you how many dice you will roll); Re-roll Cards (these allow you to re-roll a given amount of the dice) and bonus cards (which give you bonus points); the Yellow cards ( which help you)  and Red cards (which you play on your opponents to hinder them)

Each Player in turn plays yellow cards if they have them, replenishing their hand, then they count (not out loud) how many dice symbols are shown on their remaining cards and decide how many beer glasses they are going to roll on the custom dice and place the beer token on the number they are calling on there beermat, each player in turn plays any red cards they have in their hand on any of their opponents. After this the players reveal their hands and roll the custom dice and score their hand, with adjustments from the cards (if any), then receive the coins they have won that  turn  and after every player has had a turn at being the dealer, the coins are added up and the winner is the one with the most coins.


Next England Captain – Too Much Games – Ends July 11th

Fight to build a career in the mad world of football! Build your reputation and use your skill to triumph in this unique board game.

Next England Captain doesn't take itself seriously. In each 20 minute game, players build a footballer's career. Compete to become the biggest name, using football to mock football in a silly and rather random way. You really, really don't have to know anything about football to love this game, but there are some hidden gems for the true fan.Embrace the madness and pledge today!

Frankenstein’s Bodies – Funded


Although Frankenstein’s Bodies has already funded I wanted to mention it here because, according to several members of the UKGMN, “It’s one to watch!”

'Frankenstein's Bodies' is a very interactive board-based card game for 2-6 players lasting 50-70 minutes. In the game you play surgeons aiming to create the finest bodies from the parts (cards) available. Points are gained for bodies that are made from parts matched for serum colour and gender. But it's more than a straight race to stitch parts together. Players can surgically remove parts from each other. But there is a risk of having these 'infected' and so become worthless. Master Surgeons can be brought in who offer extra expertise (points) and prevent other player's 'Surgery'. The game ends when one player has completed two bodies, or the draw deck runs through twice.

'Frankenstein's Bodies' is quick to learn with it's intuitive design and game play that comes out of the premise of competitive surgery. But with steep competition and high levels of interaction every game is very different.

Each player has one lab with two benches. Here are body parts on the benches. Normal poker sized cards are used to build the bodies.

For more details visit or follow the link to the rules.

When 'Frankenstein's Bodies' hits the table you can expect a lively game with a lot of interaction as players steal heads, or fight infections. We have been play-testing and honing the game for over two years, making sure that there is some serious fun to be had from playing.


And that’s just a selection of the videos we shot at the UK Games Expo, you can see more content from the UKGMN by visiting our channel or by checking our newly updated video page.