Board Game News 15 - Ace of Spies, Nightfall on iOS and this weeks releases

Ace of Spies

The UKGMN’s very own Mark Rivera and Michael Fox will be launching their Kickstarter campaign for their card game Ace of Spies on 20th April.

“A card game of stealth and sneakiness! Players act as spymasters, collecting sets of cards in order to complete missions. Only the greatest player will be declared The Ace Of Spies! By taking two cards at the start of each turn, you’ll build up a selection of Agents, Tools, Intelligence and Locations that will allow you to hopefully finish more missions than everyone else. More missions mean more points – as long as they’re complete! If they’re left incomplete by the end of the game, they score negative points and pretty much ensure you’re not going to win…

Four separate decks are needed to play the game. The Mission Deck cards state what combinations are needed in order to complete a mission. The more specific the requirements the more points the completed mission is worth – some can be very difficult to finish but will prove very lucrative, but there’s always the risk they’ll count against you.

The other decks represent three different cities – London, Paris and Berlin – and contain the Agents, Tools, Intelligence and Locations you’ll need. Intervention cards can be used as instants and will allow you to turn the game in your favour (as long as you play them at the correct time. Should that all important card you require be lost in the discard piles, you may be able to retrieve it, but that’ll come at a high cost. Between two and five spymasters can attempt to become the Ace of Spies! May the most devious and sneaky win!”

They have also released the rules for download right here


Ex-contributor Brad Cummings (from the Safe for Wife series) has conducted an interview with AEG about Nightfall coming soon to the ipad. You can check out the interview here.

Black Tea Studios

The guys over at Black Tea Studios would like you to know about their Kickstarter Campaign for Shadow Days:

“Shadow Days is a new and exciting fantasy deckbuilding, combat and survival game from Black Tea Studios. It is easy to learn, simple to setup and most importantly, fun. Battle your opponent using creatures and powerful objects, while enduring fateful events. Earn gold to purchase mighty heroes and protective strongholds. It will take brawn, brains, gold, and a little luck to survive! Shadow Days is a must-have for any fantasy gamer.”

If that sounds like your cup of tea then check out their page here.

UK Games Expo 2012

Well, I guess it’s about time we started to talk about the UK Games Expo. I will be there again this year with my very talented co-conspirators Mark Rivera, Michael Fox and Paco Garcia along with many of the other UK Gaming Media Network guys. The fair is taking place in Birmingham 25th – 27th of May and if you’re in the area please come by and talk to us.

Further more if you are a publisher or a designer and you want to do a live video demo or an interview at the Expo please contact me and I’ll make sure you’re on the list.

This Week’s Releases

And finally, this week’s releases courtesy of Paul over at Board Game Guru.


Summoner Wars is back with a bang on Tuesday with 2 new faction decks ('The Filth' and 'The Mercenaries') and two new reinforcement packs ('Piclo’s Magic' and 'Taliya’s Spirit'). The two starter decks, 'Elves vs Orcs' , and 'Goblins vs Dwarves' are back in new editions, as is the Premium board.

‘The Lords of WaterDeep’ from Wizards of the Coast is a city management, worker placement  game for 2 – to 5 players; a Euro set in the D&D universe

‘Rook City’ is the first expansion for ‘Sentinels of the Multiverse’.

‘Where Eagles Dare’ is a monster game of 4 maps, 2000 counters and can be played as a grand campaign with ‘Devils Cauldron’, if you’d like to see what’s in the box then this video is worth a view

‘Breakthrough Cambrai’ also from MMP and is a much shorter game about the battle which almost saw the tanks breakthrough the German lines to the green fields beyond

I am offering both games in a double deal

‘Hordes of Vermin’ adds new monsters from the sewers for 'Catacombs', and 'Catacombs', and expansions are also back in stock on Tuesday

Le Havre is back in stock and the new edition includes the 2010 expansion Le Grand Hameau, 'Le Grand Hameau' is also back in stock

Rudiger Dorn’s ‘Waka Waka’ is a boardgame version of ‘Jambo’ – it’s a German game with some text on cards which is easily memorised – I will provide an English rules and card  translation.

‘Kasipecher’ will be back in stock on Monday 26th March

Happy Gaming,



And that’s about it, I’m still working like crazy guys (no days off for the next three weeks) but I will do my very best to at least try and review some games. If not then there will still be a new guest post on Monday so keep your eyes peeled for that. Until then, have fun gaming…