Board Game News 19: Sid Sackson is back, A President has been Pixelated and More…

Lots of news this week, but first a small plug for the UK Gaming Media Network. I’m working hard on the new site all the time. The news, video and podcasts elements of the site are coming on great but we’re still looking to add more Game Stores and Gaming Groups to our database. Being on the site is free and can help you generate more interest in your store or group.

We also have a new events page where we can advertise your upcoming events including groups and cons, like the new upcoming Grim Con from Grim Tree Games.
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Okay, now on with the news.

Gryphon Games

Lots of news from the Gryphon Games camp as usual.

Sid Sackson Signature Series on Kickstarter

At Gryphon Games we have made it our mission to revive and revitalize Sid Sackson's games and make them available to everyone in today's generation who loves games. We are committed to keeping his legacy alive by continuing to publish his wonderful games so that the world can continue to enjoy his many games that are both incredibly fun and highly educational. Please visit the Kickstarter page to learn more about Sid Sackson and these three great games!

Click here to view the Kickstarter Project!

Fantastiqa on Kickstarter

From Alf Seegert, designer of The Road to Canterbury, Trollhalla, and, Bridge Troll, comes FANTASTIQA, a deck-building board game set in a fantastical landscape of dark forests, mist-shrouded highlands, and frozen wastes. As you and your foes journey around the board, you will subdue strange creatures and fulfill fabulous quests.

Click here to view Fantastiqa's Kickstarter page

Island Officials

The guys over at Island Officials would like you to know about their latest project, Pixel Lincoln.

Following in the footsteps of deck building games such as Dominion, Ascension and Nightfall, and branching off into a world of it's own, Pixel Lincoln: The Deckbuilding Game mixes the style of modern board games with the nostalgia of retro video games. With side-scrolling levels, power ups, cheat codes, extra lives, boss battles, checkpoints and most of all, high scores, it brings you right back to the glorious heyday of video games when Megaman was king and Samus was queen.

Pixel Lincoln: The Deckbuilding Game is based off of the upcoming Nintendo DS game, Pixel Lincoln. Our hero Pixel Lincoln is trying to save the world from John Wilkes Booth and his band of enemies, who stole Lincoln's hat and disrupted the time-space continuum. Lincoln travels through space and time fighting enemies such as Luchadors, Puking Turtles, Skateboarding Dinosaurs, and Laser Sharks while using his trusty beardarang and whatever weapons he can get his hands on. (They're usually made of some kind of meat.)

Pixel Lincoln: The Deckbuilding Game link:
Island Officials link:
Back it on Kickstarter Today

Touch Paper Press

Touch Paper Press would like you to know about their latest release Super Showdown. Super Showdown is a 2 player game pitting Super Hero against Super Villain.


“Use Superpowers to recreate the back-and-forth struggle between Hero and Villain! Pitting Brawn, Speed, and Wits against one another as you chase mayhem around the city-grid.
Super Showdown is a game of outguessing your opponent. Race him to the Mayhem, or trick him with your decoys. Play as the slippery villain, toting the dreaded Ray-Gun and a sharp wit, or the swaggering Hero, boasting superior strength.

How well do you know your nemesis? Can you stay one step ahead? Prove your mettle, settle the score, in Super Showdown, the sensation from a Golden-Age!”

Hamster Press

Chris from Hamster Press would like you all to go and back his card game project Snapshot 1969

Snapshot:1969 is a story telling Matrix game that allows you to live or relive adventures from the 60's. Games last around half an hour, and the most entertaining player wins! Expect wild, groovy happenings.

Snapshot consists of a deck of cards with colourful pictures inspired by photographs from 1969. Each picture starts a scene. The players make up what is happening and then add to that. They may challenge additions if they like (a round of rock-paper-scissors settles who wins). At the end of each scene the game host awards the card to the player who was the most entertaining.

Kraken Games

Kraken Games would like you to know about their upcoming release Evil Intent.


Evil Intent is a board game in which players get to be evil geniuses trying to take over the world. It would be an easy task, if it wasn't for those pesky agents and other evil villains getting in the way. 

Stratus Games

News coming out of the Stratus Game Camp

Casual Game Revolution is Now on Kickstarter

Now on Kickstarter is a project that is much more than just another board game, but part of a larger program that can benefit the entire industry.

The goal of the Casual Game Revolution is to redefine boundaries and connect casual gamers directly with the games they love. To do this, an industry panel has been assembled to put their heads together to define a "casual game" in terms of complexity alone. A casual game may span one or more traditional genres (family, gateway, Euro, Ameritrash, wargame, party, etc.), but qualifies as a casual game simply because it plays in under an hour, is set up and taught in under 10 minutes, is lightly strategic, and enjoyed by anyone from older children to adults.

Using this definition, the program will create more recognition for casual games and tools to promote them directly to the intended audience. The first phase is an industry magazine with tools like posters, shelf labels, demo guides, case studies, and recommendations to help retailers highlight casual games in their stores and promote them more effectively to casual walk-ins. Project backers can receive some great casual games like Zombie Dice, Incan Gold, For Sale, Castle Panic, Survive, and Eruption, while also supporting a worthwhile cause. There are also sponsorship and marketing opportunities available for publishers and others to make use of the platform to get their message directly in front of casual gamers and the stores they walk into.
For more information about the campaign, please refer to the Casual Game Revolution Kickstarter page. Retailers can get a free subscription to the magazine by signing up on the Casual Game Revolution website.

Dice Afari Giveaway
Win a free copy of DiceAFARI, a brand new board game from Stratus Games that is now available for pre-order!

DiceAFARI is a photo safari adventure for 2 to 4 players, ages 8 and up. To play, roll 5 custom dice strategically to try to visit the most areas and collect the best sets of photographs of the animals you see. You'll love it!

Ardent Games

Ardent Games would like you to know about their new game in which the players determine how the world and the game expands.

The Realm of Agennul is a board game where you control the fate of the characters and the future of the realms. Our goal is to create a world where clip_image006participants collaborate and decide how characters, realms, and stories develop.

The Realm of Agennul is a constantly evolving board game where artists, writers, and gamers contribute to its evolution. You can upload your artwork, stories, and rules onto our website which will be voted on by the community and eventually implemented into the expansions of the game.
Join the experience and gain the opportunity to be a part of the first community driven board game with original user content.  

The Realm of Agennul is Your Art. Your Rules. Your Game.
On Thursday, July 12th, we will be hosting a launch party for our crowd-funding campaign on for The Realm of Agennul.
You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and our website

More on this soon!

This Weeks Releases

As always our friends over at Board Game Guru have some excellent new releases for you to check out. Here’s Paul to tell you more.


Arriving on Tuesday

‘Sky Traders’ from Fantasy Flight, is a trading ‘n fighting game. I don’t know much about it other than the description reminded me of ‘Merchants and Marauders’ and perhaps ‘Serenissima’ and it might be that if you are a fan of either of these games it is worth a look.

‘Joombla!’ is a children’s party game that demands animal impersonations to be delivered at great speed

In stock now

‘Small World : Realms’ adds 12 scenarios and a host of tiles that can be used with both the base game and ‘underground’ to create new and interesting board configurations.

‘Farmerama’, designed by published by Ravensburger, is a boardgame of the internet game. What makes it interesting, to me is that its designed by Uwe Rosenberg (‘Agricola’ , ‘Le Havre). The game is much lighter fare than his recent work. However, the game has a novel simultaneous action mechanic and,inspired by ‘Ora et Labora’, there is a action rondel and each player has a harvest ‘rondel’. This is a German game, however it is language independent and I will provide an English rules set.

‘Targi’ only came to my attention when it was shortlisted for he 2012 Spiel Des Jahres. It is a two player worker placement trading game that has just received a glowing review from Spielbox (the latest issue of which I am hoping to have in store in about a week). It’s a German game with some language dependency and I will provide a rules translation and card paste ups.

‘Letters from Whitechapel’ is a one versus all deduction game that received rave reviews upon its 2011 release. Unfortunately the Publisher went bust and copies have been impossible to come by. I have picked up a few German copies and have added them to the Guru Specials section. I will provide English rules.

‘Hive Pocket’ is a portable but attractive and robust edition of ‘Hive’ and includes the Mosquito and Lady Bug mini expansions.


‘King of Tokyo’ provides the most fun I have had playing a Yahtzee variant – it’s a game that never seems far away from a table at my gaming club and almost always produces smiles on the faces of the participants.
‘War of the Ring’, ‘War of the Ring upgrade kit’ and ‘War of the Ring box and sleeves’, ’Village’, ‘2 de Mayo’ , ‘Zooloretto dice game’ and ‘Die Gulli-Piratten’ (now a special offer) are all back in the stock room

Happy gaming